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We often receive calls from prospective clients, asking "if our books are open". It is our view that an agent should always have their "books", and eyes (!), open for new talent, so in that respect our "books" are always "open".

What are we open to?

You can be either a new upcoming talent, with not much on your CV, or an established actor with wonderful credits.

If you are currently with an agent, all information you give us will remain in the strictest confidence, and you do not need to feel compromised by approaching us.

Actors sometimes need to change agents. Perhaps you do not have the chemistry with your existing agent anymore, or perhaps they are not as interested in you as they once were.

"I'm not getting auditions with my current agent", is something we hear quite often. We know how hard it is for an agent to get their clients seen for jobs, so our first recommendation, before blaming this on your agent, is for you to look critically at your own Spotlight page. Would you employ you, and why?

Sadly, there are some "types", that the Industry just doesn't require. We won't take you on, if we can't see you getting any work through us, no matter what we would do. The only reason to change agents is if you are sure you will get more work with different representation.


Please email us at We much prefer emailed submissions as it is more environmentally friendly and costs nothing.



Talent, personality and focus, is what is needed.

What does that mean? Of course you need to have talent be a success in our Industry, but many people have talent and they don't have a personality that will carry them through. You need to be warm and friendly, sociable, upbeat and have the thick skin of a rhino, because through most of your career you are going to face rejection.

Suppose you have talent and personality. What about the F - focus?

Focus means that your career comes first, before everything. This might make you a lousy family member, or rubbish at your day job, but always put your career first, no matter how inconvenient it is to other people. It's a habit that brings rewards.

If we call you in for audition, as well as the TPF, we will be wondering whether we can sell what you offer. This means how many 6 feet 8 Spanish contortionists are there on TV? You bring the TPF, we will decide if what you have is what the Industry asks for, based on our expert knowledge of the jobs that come through our hands.


Having read and understood all of the above, if you believe that you are suitable for us to consider as a client, please send us a brief email. Include your phone number. Don't attach anything, and just provide the link to your up-to-date Spotlight page.

If you are not in Spotlight, wait until they accept you, before sending us your application.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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