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welcome to Brood.

Welcome to the Brood website.

It is crucial than an artiste has the right representation. Brood was founded from stratch by Brian Parsonage Kelly, who has worked in show business through most of his career. After having had dealings with a variety of agents over the years, Brian decided that it would be possible to create a warm and friendly agency, that would focus on the client and develop a reputation in the business, through being charming and lovely. Of course, an agency's reputation comes primarily through choosing the most talented actors, and we are very proud of many of our protege(e)s.

That was in 2003. Since then, we are very proud to have grown in stature, every year. Our clients can be found in nearly every genre of work, from Hollywood movies, through Soaps on TV, to mainstream and fringe theatre, and much more besides.

The portfolio is around 50 clients at any one time. We look for actors with commitment, castability and an upbeat personality.

. We attend drama school showcases to spot new talent, and meet other clients in productions, through personal recommendation and from the many applications we receive on email. We currently represent clients who trained at Arts Ed, Birmingham, Central, DSL, East 15, GSA, Italia Conti, LAMDA, Manchester Met, RADA, Rose Bruford, the Scottish Conservatoire, and the Welsh College. Where there is talent, we will find it!

If you are a potential employer or a casting director, have a look at the artistes who catch your attention, go to their individual page and click on the link to their CV. If you wish to call them in for a meeting, or check their availability, please do let us know.

If you are an actor and you think we may like to see your details, please look at the "Join Us" page to see how to apply.

Employers trust agencies to send them auditionees who are fully prepared, complete professionals, always on time and always willing to give of their best. We are happy to say all the people we represent at Brood are chosen because we know and believe that they will always impress at auditions, and because we are certain that they have the talent, personality and drive to succeed.

We maintain a relaxed and supportive background for our clients. We always aim to offer them balanced and down to earth advice and encouragement. We also look at each job on its individual merits. What might be right for one client would not be right for another at another stage of their career. By limiting our portfolio to a relatively small number of clients, we are able to build strong, personal relationships with everyone we look after, and to try to find them the exact audiitions that may lead to the jobs that help them up the career ladder.

Looking through these pages you will get a clear idea of how we work and the jobs our clients work on. The "About Us" page is updated every couple of months with news of current projects. Please email or call with any enquiries.

If you are an actor, thinking of applyiing to us, please don't call us in the first instance. Email us your application and then wait. We do reply to everyone eventually. Brood is a member of the Personal Managers' Association (PMA).

Last Updated: January 2014

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